Libya – A Failed State and Festering Sore Just Off the Coast of Europe – House of Commons Committee to Investigate and Apportion Blame. But We Already Know It Was Obama and Cameron



Damaged homes in Benghazi following clashes between pro-government forces and the rebel Shura Council of Libyan Revolutionaries

24 July 2015: Foreign Office to face inquiry into role played by UK in Libya’s collapse

The Foreign Office is to face questions over Libya’s descent into a failed state, following the launch of an inquiry by an influential committee of MPs into Britain’s role in the overthrow of Muammar Gaddafi (1) and the troubled aftermath.

Launching the inquiry, (2) the Tory chairman of the foreign affairs select committee, Crispin Blunt, told the Guardian that the intervention and subsequent breakdown of the state had proved disastrous for Libya (3) and posed a global security threat. He said: “It has turned out to be a catastrophe for the people of Libya. And now it is a growing problem for us, with our undoubted enemy Isis beginning to establish control…

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