This blog started as an experiment in writing skills.

I realised that I was a bit quirky!  I recall, must have been 10ish, using “running helter-skelter for shelter”  and I tried to use it every year, in essays.  I just love the sound of words.  How they roll around in your mouth.  Some words even taste good, or can be seriously tactile. How about anthropomorphism and onomatopoeia.  Great aren’t they, such fun.

I guess you’ve landed on this page because you want to know about me.  Unfortunately I just don’t fit into neat boxes.  Oh, I’m fully aware that our mind’s eye needs that instant image so we can tick and say “Ah! he is like that or this or the other”.   But you will just have to take my word for it, that I genuinely have great difficulty in a nice neat picture of myself.

Hopefully the posts will direct you to things I find interesting or important and hopefully I will also try to see the joy of life without getting too serious. I sometimes wonder what they will say about me, as my body returns to dust.
Justlearningman became an addiction for a while together with an interest in politics.
Followed by an interest in Salsa dancing, thereby creating Highonsalsa.wordpress.com

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