Attended Northumbria Missionary Bible College, Berwick-upon-Tweed, 1984-1987 and came away with a Cambridge Diploma in Religious Studies.  Read Koine Greek , studied Islam in my third year.  By then a gradual disillusionment on the theology of Double Predestination and Rapture, Eschatology, dispensational premillenialism, postmillenialism, postponement theory and a general dislike to the anti-catholic polemics.   I became a “born again” evangelical in June 1976.

BTW, sorry forgot to mention that I was born into a Roman Catholic Family.  Had been an altar boy and can recite the mass in Latin, like a parrot.  Even then, I was somewhat sceptical and wanted to test the teaching that biting the Eucharist (Holy Communion) would cause the ground to open up before me and would be swallowed up by the direct route escalator to hell.  I’m still here!


eucharist (Photo credit: shioshvili)


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