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The final frontier of denial, “asking for it” is a mentality people use to justify the world being less horrible than it is. Most commonly it is used to pretend that a rape victim ‘subliminally’ or ‘subtly’ gave consent, but it can also be used in context to say someone who leaves a quarter on the ground is just as guilty as the thief who steals it of the crime, having ‘tempted’ the criminal or perpetrator. In extremist cases, such as a few sects of Muslim religion, some women are forced to cover their hair to prevent ‘tempting’ men.Pertaining to sex, it is statistically estimated that about 1/3 men buy in Britain conform to the “asking for it” mentality.
“Did you hear about Katie? I feel really sorry for her.”
“Nah, man, she was asking for it.”
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In Pictures. Rise and fall of Bab al-Shams by Al Jazeera

Bab Al Shams Tent

Thanks to Al Jazeera and Journalists

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A big Thank You to @Ahmad
Ahmad Babalshams

Yasser Arafat’s 8yr anniversary and exhumation .

English: Yasser Arafat at 'From Peacemaking to...

English: Yasser Arafat at ‘From Peacemaking to Peacebuilding’ at the Annual Meeting 2001 of the World Economic Forum (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

An Al Jazeera investigation has revealed that Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat may have been killed by radioactive poison.

Source for article and video [Guardian]

Harriet-Sherwood report from Ramallah

Yasser Arafat’s exhumation may answer questions over his death

Nearly eight years after the Palestinian leader died, his body is to be exhumed from its Ramallah tomb. Was he poisoned with polonium, as some believe?

The exhumation of Arafat’s body will be a delicate and emotive undertaking, given the deep affection and respect in which he continues to be held by Palestinians almost eight years after his death. The corpse will be removed from the tomb and transferred to a hospital in Ramallah for samples to be taken and tested for the presence of toxins.

According to Tawfik Tirawi, the head of the Palestinian committee investigating the death and one of those who was holed up with Arafat in the Muqata under Israeli siege for more than two years, there will be no cameras to record the event. “Due to the particular situation, there will probably be no media coverage. It’s very difficult to allow journalists to be around because of all the difficulties of the operation,” he told the Guardian.

Tirawi has requested details of the French investigating magistrates’ requirements in order to iron out any objections. But the Palestinian leadership has stated its willingness in principle to co-operate with the murder inquiry, launched last month at the request of Arafat’s widow, Suha, a French citizen. Her move followed a claim in July, broadcast by al-Jazeera, by a Swiss laboratory that it had detected the presence of a deadly radioactive substance, polonium-210, on Arafat’s personal effects.

Despite having refused permission for an autopsy on Arafat’s body, last year Suha handed over items including a toothbrush and underwear to scientists at the Institute of Radiation Physics in Lausanne.

“We measured an unexplained, elevated amount of unsupported polonium-210 in the belongings of Mr Arafat that contained stains of biological fluids,” François Bochud, the institute’s director, told al-Jazeera. Saying tests on Arafat’s corpse were required to confirm the findings, Bochud added: “We have to do it quite fast because polonium is decaying, so if we wait for too long, any possible proof will disappear.”

Polonium, the substance linked to the death of the former Russian spy Alexander Litvinenko in 2006, depletes rapidly in bones and soft tissue. The institute has estimated a 50% chance of finding traces in samples from Arafat’s body.

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Iran under siege? 3 Reasons

This has to count as one of the most evil, vile, despicable motive in all of human history.

National Security, means securing the energy needs for greedy, selfish reasons. Just two words that have always meant, death and destruction

3 Reasons: According to Mehran Kamrava, Director of the Center for International and Regional Studies at Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service in Qatar

  1. Securing oil resources
  2. Guaranteeing the security of the state of Israel
  3. Combating threats to American interests

US bases around Iran

Kamrava says US forces “have the ability to project force when needed, by intimidating and signalling to potential threats that the US can flex its muscles if necessary … This is a combination of ‘showing the flag’ and practical, logistical issues such as the movement of troops, supplies and services”.

“So, these bases are not necessarily because of Iran, but certainly Iran has given the US a compelling reason to further the number of bases,” Kamrava told Al Jazeera. “But it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that Iran is encircled militarily.”

Since tensions with Iran further escalated in early January, a map of assumed locations of bases in the vicinity of the Islamic Republic has been circulating across various social media platforms. But our map, above, reflects the latest information, either officially acknowledged by the US military, sourced in the media or described on military information sites such as Global Security.
In-depth coverage of a growing regional debate

Prior to the September 11, 2001, attacks in the US, most of the American military abroad was stationed in Europe and East Asia. But the number of Middle East deployments climbed dramatically during subsequent campaigns in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The wide range and function of the new facilities became expedient to the simultaneous fighting of two massive wars on either side of Iran.

A decade ago in 2002, Rear Admiral Craig R Quigley, senior spokesman at US Central Command (CENTCOM) in Tampa, Florida, said: “There is great value, for instance, in continuing to build airfields in a variety of locations on the perimeter of Afghanistan that, over time, can do a variety of functions, like combat operations, medical evacuation and delivering humanitarian assistance.”

Copied photo and part of the article from Al Jazeera, a Qatar funded news media and possibly as a warning to those who might be tempted to support Iran.

Read the [full article here] but do ask yourself this question. What is the motive for this article to appear so soon after the election of President Obama?

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Goin’ to Iran (Photo credit: Örlygur Hnefill)

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