The Philosoher-King of Plato, not needed to be President of USA

Unless philosophers become kings of our cities or unless those who now are kings and rulers become true philosophers, so that political power and philosophic intelligence converge . . . there can be no end to troubles, my dear Glaucon, in our cities or for all mankind.

© of Winslie Gomez.

The Democrats and their nomination struggle highlights the deep intellectual ravine of middle America.

Knowledge, as a character and quality for the President, is not a prerequisite for this great nation. How daft can one be if they make statements like

“If Clinton is not the presidential niminee, then I will vote for McCain”.

The fact that these two individuals are from the opposite ends of the political spectrum, seemingly ,has no bearing, relevance or consequence, to one’s action.

Is prejudice sufficient to sway the masses? Apparently so!

It is a sad day for the world at large if the masses of USA are solely driven by age old racism. And, it makes a mockery of so called democracy.

Plato the Philosopher and trainer of statesmen had this to say

Unless philosophers become kings of our cities or unless those who now are kings and rulers become true philosophers, so that political power and philosophic intelligence converge . . . there can be no end to troubles, my dear Glaucon, in our cities or for all mankind.


Change is coming to America

Obama spoke , on health care, taxes, education and the war in Iraq. “It is more of the same versus change.”

Choose Barack Obama or John McCain. “It is the past versus the future. It has been asked and answered by generations before us, and now it is our turn to choose.”
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I have a crush om Obama

Watch Obama in Iowa and praising Senator Clinton.

Now it seems it’s all upto the maths or depends on who does the maths. Or how you slice the equation.


Image courtesy of Viralpolitics

The Aged, The Impoverished Poor and Women have

© of Winslie Gomez

one thing in common.

They are the power base of Hilary Clinton and Clintonland voters. And, how could I forget, one other extremely crucial unifying factor; they are all white!

Yes, WHITE! as though it should matter, but it does.

Sad, that in this day and age, the demarcations still fall along the lines of skin-tone.

They are also the ones’ who will end up bringing another Republican nutter into the White House.  IF, and a bloody big if, they carry on as though they are blinkered lemmings.

Maybe, it would do them well to heed the advice on this cartoon image!

Cartoon by

As an aside; like, the conversation with a drunk at the bar.

Q: Why do lemmings jump off cliffs. Myth or fact?

A: Here

You are probably wondering why should it matter for someone in the UK.  Well, because it matters to the whole world. 

Who is going to undo the damage of the Blair-Bush madness, it’s not Gordon Brown is it?

Timesonline has an interesting article

Hillary Clinton risks rift in Democrats by ‘cheating’ black voters

Hillary Clinton is pinning her hopes on the party’s superdelegates to gift her the nomination. But America’s most senior black congressman warns she is playing with fire and could force a split in the Democrats.

…But Clyburn, who has yet to endorse either candidate, believes this path would be suicidal for the Democrats. African-Americans were not the only ones who would feel betrayed, he said. “Barack Obama has brought in a lot of young voters for the first time, and they’ll feel cheated too.” Many Clinton supporters are equally adamant that their candidate must win because white Americans are not going to elect a black president. Either way, Democrats are on a collision course.

“When it comes down to it, they are not going to vote for a black man,” said Jim Whitworth, 43, who wore a Harley-Davidson motorcycle T-shirt and a chestful of Hillary for President buttons to a Clinton rally in Fayetteville, North Carolina. He said the more he learnt about Obama, the more he found him “scary”.

“I don’t feel like I’m a racist, but this country is. People say they will vote for a black person, but when they get to the polls they won’t.”

Will someone, anyone, please throw in the towel, for Clinton?

© of Winslie Gomez

Don’t get me wrong, I love a good fight and Hilary Clinton, needs to be admired for her true-unadultrated-grit.

She would make a formidabble team mate.

Photo borrowed and credited to

On the other hand, isn’t the bun fight doing considerable damage to the Democrats?

When their focus needs to be on winning the Presidential election and into the White House.

Don’t take my word for it! I am, after all in sunny UK, read Ediedover who has some relevant points.

Cheers and have a great day!

Tapping into the core of traditional prejudice? Surely not Hilary Clinton

Or is this lowering the bar in US politics. A view from across the pond certainly looks that way.

Vote for HOPE, not FEAR

Video on

Have we learned nothing from history?

Obamaweblog says

“It was the first time a Democratic candidate has used bin Laden in a campaign commercial in the 2008 race for the White House. The terrorist appears along with images from the stock market crash, the bombing at Pearl Harbor, the Soviet threat, the collapse of the Berlin Wall and Hurricane Katrina as an announcer tells voters the political contest is for ‘the most important job in the world.'”

Using a tactic directly from the Republican play book, an ad from Hillary Clinton’s campaign uses fear in an attempt to scare the American people. It was an alarming trend when Republicans did it, but a Democrat using it against a fellow Dem spells trouble. One hopes that the average voter will not throw away logic when confronted with such an Orwellian message.

Clinton girl: “reject politics of fear”

Watch the video, please!

Who do you think, has what it takes? Is indeed an interesting question for the world and not just for America.

However, we of the rest-of- the-world, can only watch, as the horror unfolds.

Richardson Endorsement for Obama

Good news comes like buses. New Mexico speaks ” You are a once in a life time leader”.

Now the focus is on Super delegates.

For the full significance: Read it here

Or with Keith

The Obama Factor

An honest appraisal by AfroSpear in

The Obama Factor: The Politics of Race Baiting

There is a lot of things that can be said in regards to what the Democratic Party Presidential primary process is all about, but one thing it’s not is democratic! The whole institution of the Super Delegates was created by the Party, to prevent those possible contenders who are populists (or who like Obama campaign on a populist platform), from obtain the nomination (see here for details). Ferraro intention was not to make a “racist” comment as such, but a calculated, strategic move (by the Clinton campaign) to explain (complain) why the populist sounding Obama was still in contention. The truth is if he was white, “he would not be in this position” to win the Democratic Presidential nomination because the Party establishment would have shut him down long ago! (I am not too sure about her view that if he was a Black “female” candidate who was doing just as well, that “he would not be in this position”. Hillary and the Democratic Party establishment would then have to contend with both race and gender, a much taller order to try to defeat. But I digress).

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