Jahiliya today in #Saudi. How many of you tolerate it and why?

At 3:26 Princess Sahar says “This is 21st century, Jahiliya committed right in front of the world”…. Princess Jawaher “The world is also responsible and complicit…”
Muslims would consider Jahiliya either a thing of the past Mekkan tradition or referring to idol worship and non-Islamic practise.  I am writing this as an appeal to fair minded people who follow a path they regard as the only truth and humbly ask them to search in their heart.

Is it true, Jahiliya today in #Saudi. How many of you tolerate it and why?

I’ve  heard of Jahiliya before but never paid any attention, flippantly dismissing it as “Oh Yeah! Things they did in days of yore”   It was only while watching a video [linked below] when I heard it in a context that just did not sit comfortably.  The only way I can describe it – like a grain of sand in your shoe.

This video is part of a story in itself.  About the four adult daughters of the King of Saudi Arabia, the custodian of the holiest place for global Islam.  In case you are not aware of Jahiliya I’ve copied a little from HubPages [link]

What is Jahiliyya?

Jahiliya Arabia

The Tribes of Pre-Islamic Arabia

Jahiliyya- The Days of Ignorance

Jahiliyya is the Arabic term used to refer to the period of time before Muhammad received his first revelation of the Qur’an. It literally means the Days of Ignorance since Makkan society in pre-Islamic Arabia was morally bankrupt and ignorant of the one true god Allah.

The Main Features of Jahiliyya

The period of Jahiliyya was marked by a distinct lack of morals- people practised polytheism and worshipped idols and statues housed in the Kab’ah. The status of women was very poor and women were treated as second class citizens. Unlimited polygamy was practised as well as female infanticide. Gambling, the charging of interest (usury) and the consumption of alcohol was also commonplace………

At 3:26 Princess Sahar says “This is 21st century, Jahiliya committed right in front of the world”

Why would she use the word Jahiliya? When she describes her father the King of Saudi Arabia and the male guardians of her family. [Please also familiarise yourself on Male Guardianship] or here [jump to link] sorry it’s only wikipedia.

In case you are wondering why on earth am I writing about one tiny little word. Please read on, but first, may I suggest that you watch this video. They need help and who knows, you, might be the person that unlocks this conundrum.

Islamic Insights has this to say on Jahiliya [please read the full article linked here]


The era preceding the message of Islam was one of the most important eras to study. It is that era that Islam fought first and aimed to change. That era is known as the Age of Jahiliyya (Ignorance).


At first look, one might say that Islam fought and changed the people during Jahiliyya, but given our current technological and scientific era, things are different. Upon examining Jahiliyya deeper, it will be very evident how our world today is very different from the world back then on the surface, but at their cores they are exactly the same. Understanding these similarities is key if we are to follow the right path, enjoin the good, and forbid the evil.

Tribalism and Nationalism

During Jahiliyya, people used to take pride in belonging to a specific tribe. This strong sense of belonging was translated into belittling those who belonged to other tribes. Each tribe started seeing itself as the best for whatever reason. These reasons can include pedigree, wealth, power, army force, trade, recognition, and so on.

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#YesAllWomen A Talk to Men on “Manbox”


At TEDWomen, Tony Porter makes a call to men everywhere: Don’t “act like a man.” Telling powerful stories from his own life, he shows how this mentality, drummed into so many men and boys, can lead men to disrespect, mistreat and abuse women and each other. His solution: Break free of the “man box.” [Link here]


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Farzana Parveen, 25 stoned to death #Misogyny Honour and Tradition

Recall sad story of Banaz in UK

“I killed my daughter as she had insulted all of our family by marrying a man without our consent, and I have no regret over it,”

Pregnant Pakistani woman stoned to death by family

If you prefer pictures then the Daily Mail Online has gory details

Copied here from the Guardian

Police collect evidence near the body of Farzana Iqbal outside the Lahore high court building

Police collect evidence near the body of Farzana Parveen outside the Lahore high court building. Photograph: Reuters

A pregnant woman was stoned to death by her own family in front of a Pakistani high court on Tuesday for marrying the man she loved.

Nearly 20 members of the woman’s family, including her father and brothers, attacked her and her husband with batons and bricks in broad daylight before a crowd of onlookers in front of the high court of Lahore, the police investigator Rana Mujahid said.

Hundreds of women are murdered every year in Muslim-majority Pakistan in so-called ” honour killings” – carried out by husbands or relatives as a punishment for alleged adultery or other illicit sexual behaviour – but public stoning is extremely rare.

Mujahid said the woman’s father has been arrested for murder and that police were working to apprehend all those who participated in the “heinous crime”.

Another police officer, Naseem Butt, identified the slain woman as Farzana Parveen, 25, and said she had married Mohammad Iqbal against her family’s wishes after being engaged to him for years.

Her father, Mohammad Azeem, had filed an abduction case against Iqbal, which the couple was contesting, her lawyer Mustafa Kharal said. He confirmed that she was three months pregnant.

Arranged marriages are the norm among conservative Pakistanis, who view marriage for love as a transgression.

The Human Rights Commission of Pakistan, a private group, said in a report last month that some 869 women were murdered in “honour killings” in 2013.

But even Pakistanis who have tracked violence against women expressed shock at the brutal and public nature of Tuesday’s killing.

“I have not heard of any such case in which a woman was stoned to death, and the most shameful and worrying thing is that this woman was killed in front of a court,” said Zia Awan, a prominent lawyer and human rights activist.

He said Pakistanis who commit violence against women are often acquitted or handed light sentences because of poor police work and faulty prosecutions.

“Either the family does not pursue such cases or police don’t properly investigate. As a result, the courts either award light sentences to the attackers, or they are acquitted,” he said.

Parveen’s relatives had waited outside the court, which is located on a main downtown thoroughfare. As the couple walked up to the main gate, the family members fired shots in the air and tried to snatch her from Iqbal, her lawyer said.

When she resisted, her father, brothers and other relatives started beating her, eventually pelting her with bricks from a nearby construction site, Iqbal said.

Iqbal, 45, said he started seeing Parveen after the death of his first wife, with whom he had five children.

“We were in love,” he told the Associated Press. He alleged that the woman’s family wanted to swindle money from him before marrying her off.

“I simply took her to court and registered a marriage,” infuriating the family, he said.

Parveen’s father surrendered after the incident and called the murder an “honour killing”, Butt said.

“I killed my daughter as she had insulted all of our family by marrying a man without our consent, and I have no regret over it,” Mujahid, the police investigator, quoted the father as saying.

Mujahid said the woman’s body had been handed over to her husband for burial.

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#MustWatch “Asking for it” #YesAllWomen

Thank You Button Poetry


The final frontier of denial, “asking for it” is a mentality people use to justify the world being less horrible than it is. Most commonly it is used to pretend that a rape victim ‘subliminally’ or ‘subtly’ gave consent, but it can also be used in context to say someone who leaves a quarter on the ground is just as guilty as the thief who steals it of the crime, having ‘tempted’ the criminal or perpetrator. In extremist cases, such as a few sects of Muslim religion, some women are forced to cover their hair to prevent ‘tempting’ men.Pertaining to sex, it is statistically estimated that about 1/3 men buy in Britain conform to the “asking for it” mentality.
“Did you hear about Katie? I feel really sorry for her.”
“Nah, man, she was asking for it.”
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Self certified “Alpha” male, decsribing others as Beta is a sure sign of insecurity #ElliotRodger

When you feel the need to look down on someone, then the problem is you.

Here is Amanda Hess ( @theamandahess ) describing the whole culture of PUA community horrible predictable response to #ElliotRodger

Or a look back in time to 2009

The Sexist

Why Pick-Up Game Hurts Everyone Except the Guy Shilling Books

In the wake of George Sordini‘s killing spree last week, the mainstream media has criticized Pick-Up Artist community for promoting misogynist cultural attitudes that hurt women and girls. (Sordini was a sometimes-devotee of R. Don Steele, author of such douchebag manuals as Date Young Women: For Men Over 35). Pandagon’s Amanda Marcotte, meanwhile, has tackled the more difficult task of arguing why Pick-Up Artist rhetoric hurts men, too. Pick-Up Artist devotees scam women to extract sex; Pick-Up Artist “masters” scam the devotees to extract money.

The two exchanges are surprisingly similar—both target those with low self-esteem to exploit them for personal gain. Here’s how it works: The Pick-Up Artist devotee feels worthless. He is informed that self-worth may be secured by having sex with women agreed to be attractive by the Pick-Up Artist community. He is told that in order to have sex with these women, he must not “be himself”—remember, he isworthless. Instead, he must pay exorbitant amounts of money to learn the correct “tactics” not to gain self-worth—but to convince the women that it is they who are truly worthless. Only the Pick-Up Artist “master” wins here—he gets the cash regardless of the outcome of the sexual conquest, while feeling superior to his male devotees (who are, in turn, superior to all women).

How to Date Out of Your League“—a very elementary-level, college age version of game written by COED Magazine‘s Michael Dance—makes this dynamic perfectly clear.

Dance writes:

The holy grail of dating is to actually find a girl who’s hot but is still willing to go out with you.  And as you’ve already figured out, that’s really hard.  But even if you’re not as attractive or as suave as that friend who has so much sex you want to punch him, even if you “have no game,” there are a few ways to tip the scales in your favor.  These aren’t magic bullets.  They’re practical, actionable things that you can do to help you snag that gorgeous girl who it turns out has low enough self-esteem to actually go for you.

And so it begins. It is not enough for the Pick-Up Artist devotee to date someone who is his equal; in order to receive respect in the community, he must date someone who is somehow “better” than him (“hotter”). At the same time, the Pick-Up Artist  operates on the assumption that women who don’t want to have sex with him—even these “better,” hotter women—are conceited bitches. The Pick-Up Artist must find a woman he deems superior who, in turn, deems herself inferior. In order for the scam to work, both parties must believe that they are less-than the person they’re sleeping with. Only the Pick-Up Artist master—the guy selling the books—is superior.

1. Actually Ask Girls Out on Dates Look, you can’t date out of your league if you don’t have the balls to actually ask a girl out on a date.  Sure, you might be able to get lucky at a party with a drunk girl, but as you’ve already experienced, it’s harder to do that consistently than you fantasized about in high school.  So many guys whine inwardly about not being a chick-magnet and forget it’s because they don’t actually put themselves out there and talk to any girls.

. . . The key is to be perceptive.  The problem for most guys who are unlucky with girls is not that they’re bad looking, it’s that they’re oblivious.  Girls make it very obvious when they don’t like what you’re doing (and for the record, pick-up lines and transparent attempts to impress her never work).  If she’s interested, she won’t be looking around the room for her girlfriends to save her.  She won’t be responding to your questions in polite two-word answers.  In fact, she won’t have to respond to too many of your questions, because she’ll be asking you questions, too.

Do you see how he talks down to you? You have no balls. You’re so pathetic that you fantasize about having sex with drunk girls. You’re oblivious. You think that “pick-up lines and transparent attempts to impress her” will actually work? Of course not—you need much, much more help than one lousy pick-up line can provide (buy the book). The actual advice—talk to girls—is so obvious that only a man with the lowest self-esteem could regard it as a revelation.

2. Don’t Talk About Yourself.  At All.

“When I was in seventh grade, I was really into Magic: The Gathering.”

“Yeah, I love movies!  I even went to the midnight opening of Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith.  Sat in the front row.”

“While I was masturbating this morning I was thinking about my mom…”

. . . But the “don’t talk about yourself” rule extends beyond just the obvious.  I really mean don’t talk about yourself at all.  You know why?  You’re not interesting.  You work in the scheduling department of a non-profit?  You taught yourself web design?  Your football team made sectionals in high school?  Your professor is just super, super lame?  Don’tcaredon’tcaredon’tcaredon’tcare.

Depending on exactly how “out of your league” the girl is, she’s probably not interesting either.  Unless she’s Mary-Louise Parker’s illegitimate daughter who got the hot genes from her mom and currently works as a spy for the CIA, chances are she’s just some random bitchy princess you want to sleep with, in which case — pat yourself on the back — she’s even less interesting than you.  If you ever want her to go down on you, just shut up and listen.

You’re worthless. She’s worthless. You’re all worthless, except for me. Only I deserve to be heard; only I am worth listening to. I am a worthwhile person; you are a sad, pathetic loser who might be allowed to receive a blowjob from another sad, pathetic loser if you listen to what I have to say.

3. But At the Same Time, Don’t Be a Pussy.

There’s shutting up and listening to her stories, and then there’s letting her whine to you about this guy who’s mean to her and she’s so glad she has a really, really great friend like you.  If you’ve gotten to the latter point, you’re beyond saving.

It’s not a secret anymore that in general, girls are attracted to guys who don’t treat them well.  . . . But there’s two things wrong with that rule.  First, you can only really pull it off if you’re good-looking.  If you’re a hot jerk, you’re a badass; if you’re an average-looking jerk, you’re a tool.  It’s not fair, but such is life.

The other problem is that most of you who need to read articles like this one are too nice.  You literally cannot be a jerk to a girl.  Your parents taught you manners, thank you very much, and there shouldn’t be anything wrong with that.

There’s not.  The solution?  Just be assertive. That means, simply, that you should come across like a man who knows what he wants.  When you ask her out, give her a specific time, place, and activity.  Never say “I don’t care, what do you want to do?”  If she asks your opinion on something, give it to her.  Etc.

If she does specifically ask you about yourself, you’re permitted to tell her that you have a steady job or are well on your way down a lucrative career path.  No, she’s not seriously considering you as a mate yet, but if you think there’s no difference between “I’m studying to be a lawyer” and “I’m an English major,” you’re wrong.

“Nice.” Nice is the classic marker of a girl who’s not interested, and when administered from a Pick-Up Artist master to a Pick-Up Artist devotee, it’s a very effective neg.  As is clear from the title of this tactic, being “nice” really means being a “pussy.” Let’s go ahead and sub that in to make sure we’re not softening the blow: “most of you who need to read articles like this one are pussies.” Sure, there’s nothing wrong with being a pussy. Just be sure that you act like a pussy who knows what he wants (which is pussy). Thankfully, the Pick-Up Artist master is here to step in and tell you how to be the right kind of pussy: Just lie. Hey, it’s what the master does best.

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#YesAllWomen “Maneater” song is about money? Read the lyrics and don’t hum the tune. It’s not funny

Or does it portray this woman as predator

Ultimate Classic  Rock suggests

Oates, who also recently disclosed that Hall & Oates’ ‘Rich Girl’ isn’t actually about a girl, went on to reveal that although it seems to be about a predatory woman, the duo’s 1982 smash ‘Maneater’ was really written about New York City. “‘Maneater’ is about NYC in the ’80s,” he explained. “It’s about greed, avarice, and spoiled riches. But we have it in the setting of a girl because it’s more relatable. It’s something that people can understand. That’s what we do all of the time.”


She’ll only come out at nights
The lean and hungry type
Nothing is new
I’ve seen her here before
Watching and waiting
Ooh, she’s sittin’ with you
But her eyes are on the door

So many have paid to see
What you think
You’re gettin’ for free
The woman is wild
A she-cat tamed
By the purr of a Jaguar
Money’s the matter
If you’re in it for love
You ain’t gonna get too far

(Oh-oh, here she comes)
Watch out boy
She’ll chew you up
(Oh-oh, here she comes)
She’s a maneater
(Oh-oh, here she comes)
Watch out boy
She’ll chew you up
(Oh-oh, here she comes)
She’s a maneater

I wouldn’t if I were you
I know what she can do
She’s deadly man
Amd she could really rip your world apart
Mind over matter
Ooh, the beauty is there
But a beast is in the heart

(Oh-oh, here she comes)
Watch out boy
She’ll chew you up
(Oh-oh, here she comes)
She’s a maneater
(Oh-oh, here she comes)
Watch out boy
She’ll chew you up
(Oh-oh, here she comes)
She’s a maneater

[Instrumental Interlude]

(Oh-oh, here she comes)
Here she comes
Watch out boy
She’ll chew you up
(Whoa-oh, here she comes
(Watch out) she’s a maneater
(Oh-oh, here she comes)
(She’s a maneater)
Ooh, she’ll chew you up
(Oh-oh, here she comes)
Here she comes, she’s a maneater
(Oh-oh, here she comes)
(Watch out)
She’ll only come out at night, ooh-oh
(Oh-oh, here she comes)
Here she comes
She’s a maneater
(Oh-oh, here she comes)
(She’s a maneater)
The woman is wild, whoooa
(Oh-oh, here she comes)
Here she comes
Watch out boy, watch out boy
(Oh-oh, here she comes)
Oh, watch out, watch out
Watch out, watch out
(Oh-oh, here she comes)
(Yeah, yeah) she’s a maneater
(Oh-oh, here she comes)
(She’s a maneater)
She’s watching and waiting, ooh-oh
(Oh-oh, here she comes)
Oh, she’s a maneater

Lyrics have been copied from AZLyrics

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Saudi Arabia solves growing divorce. Teach the women to be more obedient. Simple

Ok, I’m being a bit naughty. But in a country with Human Rights abuses and Male Guardianship how else are they going to cope with women demanding their freedom.

Saudi divorce

“the man is mostly responsible for the divorce, especially today’s men who are temperamental, selfish and self-absorbed. They demand a lot from a woman and do not respect her rights”.Talal Sa’ad said differences in age, culture and education, in addition to one partner being irresponsible, are the main reasons for divorce.Dr. Abdullah Bin Saif, Islamic Studies professor and a marriage official (See text below from Saudi Gazette)


Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Social Affairs is reportedly considering making pre-marriage courses compulsory for couples about to tie the knot. BBC Learning

Divorce rates in the Kingdom are alarmingly high. To put an end to that, young couples must attend marriage counseling sessions before getting married,” says Dr. Aliyah Hani Hashim, a Jeddah-based marriage counselor.

Quote taken from ArabNews


Saudi Gazette has this to say


In 2008 there were 28,867 divorces in the country, at a rate of 80 cases every day. These cases included 24,608 cases of divorce; 1,344 cases of khula’ where a judge divorces the wife at her request after she pays the husband money; and 2,915 cases of marriage contract revocation, which takes place before the wedding.

The highest number of divorces that year was recorded in Riyadh with 8,274 or 28.7 percent, followed by Makkah Region with 7,677 cases or 26.6 percent. Al-Baha was last with only 401 cases, or 1.4 percent.  The ministry also showed that 89.5 percent, or 25,847 cases, involved Saudi men and women.

Cases with one non-Saudi party totaled 3,020, or 10.5 percent of the total number of divorce cases in Saudi Arabia.Munira, a teacher, believes that “the man is mostly responsible for the divorce, especially today’s men who are temperamental, selfish and self-absorbed. They demand a lot from a woman and do not respect her rights”.Talal Sa’ad said differences in age, culture and education, in addition to one partner being irresponsible, are the main reasons for divorce.Dr. Abdullah Bin Saif, Islamic Studies professor and a marriage official, said that parents’ intervention, and the man or woman not respecting the requirements and rights of the other are the main reasons for divorce in many cases.

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