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Restaurant in Herat

For Women.

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Yes, hygiene and cooking on the floor will be anathema for most viewers. But if you were to consider the history & tradition of this region, what we witness here is an embryonic micro-culture taking it’s first faltering steps. Surely they will progress along this learning curve with the help of digital technology.

Link Sea Bass

Chaloos Rd Meal

Iran Nuclear

Two words that silence a dinner table

Read a balanced argument by Kenneth N Waltz [here]

why Iran should get the bomb

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Re: Kenneth N Waltz

“U.S. and Israeli officials have declared that a nuclear-armed Iran is a uniquely terrifying prospect, even an existential threat. In fact, by creating a more durable balance of military power in the Middle East, a nuclear Iran would yield more stability, not less.”

KENNETH N. WALTZ is Senior Research Scholar at the Saltzman Institute of War and Peace Studies.

Writing-Style: Something you’re born with?

My Sun

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So assuring that each writer has a diffent way of expression. There are only 26 alphabets in the English language yet the words that are weaved, sparkle with the kaleidoscope of life.

Some have a gift to shine a beam of light right into the heart of the matter, in a fun kinda way.

A Psych Tech’s Blog – Inside the Snakepit

offers me great pleasure and a glimpse into US politics with a better appraisal of the Barack Obama campaign.

Dusk at Southsea

Dusk at Southsea


Written by McGomez, the penny pinching auld fart fae Aberdeen for Shoestring Gourmet

Nutrition Facts:

Per serving of 164 grams = 1 Cup full.

Calories 269

Dietary Fibre 12gms

Sugars 8gms

Fat 4gms

Protein 15gms


Vitamin A & C



Chickpeas are also called garbanzo beans.

Peas, lentils, and chickpeas are rotation crops to wheat and barley. Planted in alternate years, these rotation crops replenish nitrogen in the soil, reducing or eliminating the need for chemical fertilizers.

The chickpea was originally cultivated on the lands bordering Mesopotamia and the eastern Mediterranean. From there it spread to India and some parts of East Asia.

Chickpeas as well as other legumes are high in fibre.

Buying Tips:

1. Bulk buy dried chickpeas.

2. Tinned, precooked and in salt water.

Dried chickpeas will have to be soaked overnight.

Place in a pan with twice as much water bring to the boil then reduce the heat to simmer for 1 ½ – 2 hours.

Two recipes and a third on a useful link

Chickpea Salad:

As the title suggest this is one of those dishes you can throw anything together, all veg fresh and colourful. The taste and look of the dish is just about endless.

I am looking for contrasting colours, flavour and crunch, here is my favourite.


Red Onion because of the colour and texture, chopped to your preference but not in a blender or you will have a bitter mush.

Red Pepper (bell) Chopped into postage stamp size squares

Frozen peas (microwave with a little water)

Yogurt Plain (Prefer Greek Style)

I (one) Green Chilly seeded and chopped into strands if you like it hot

2 (two) cans chickpeas drained and rinsed to get rid of the salt.


Coriander for colour and flavour. Chopped

I spring onion if you are artistic make fans( don’t know how? ask!)

Tabasco (hot sauce if req’d)


Large salad bowl.

All the chopped ingredients go into the salad bowl first, followed by the chickpeas then the yogurt.

Fold all the ingredients with a large spoon and be gentle as you can crush the chickpeas (that’s a different dish!)

In the centre add a little Tabasco (if req’d) spread the chopped coriander and spring onion around the side in a circle.

Serve with crusty bread.




2 cups or tin of precooked, drained and rinsed chickpeas.

1/3 cup Tahini (To Be bought separately, Useful if you like humus)

2 tablespoons Olive Oil

1 tablespoon fresh garlic chopped fine (optional)

1/2 Lemon squeezed at the end

Crush the chickpeas or blitz it, add Tahini, 2 tablespoons olive oil, (garlic) and lemon juice.

Mix until smooth.

Serve with warm Pitta bread, Tortillas, French stick or Crusty farmhouse loaf. Fingers do the trick too, but only if solo or a very romantic event for two.


Aubergine and Chick Pea Link

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