Is Israel targeting civilians?

When the Israeli prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, accused Hamas of using “telegenically dead Palestinians for their cause”, he overlooked an element of the conflict that could not be skewed for the viewing public: the damage to Gaza’s infrastructure.

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Protective Edge has left the world asking: ‘Is Israel targeting civilians?’


Luisa Gandolfo

Lecturer in Peace and Reconciliation at University of Aberdeen

Israeli tank engaged in Operation Protective Edge. EPA/Abir Sultan

When the Israeli prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, accused Hamas of using “telegenically dead Palestinians for their cause”, he overlooked an element of the conflict that could not be skewed for the viewing public: the damage to Gaza’s infrastructure.

Since the start of Operation Protective Edge 15 days ago, approximately 900 homes and four hospitals have been shelled. The result is more than 500 fatalities, 3,000 injured and 85,000 people living in 67 United Nations shelters.

As the conflict progresses, the death toll escalates: on “Bloody Friday” 61 Palestinians were killed, including 12 children; by Sunday, shelling in the Shujai’iya suburb resulted in the deaths of 100 Palestinians.

The emotional and psychological strain on residents in the Gaza Strip is compounded by the pressure placed on the region’s hospitals. With the number of patients increasing, supplies are scarce and the shells introduce the war to the halls of buildings designated to preserve life.


I don’t know who the fk you are, Mikael. But you talk shit in style re: #Gaza

A comment I did not approve on


 by mikael 21m
without (sic) corrections. Let the dying speak their piece in their own convoluted terms

I will live some final coments on this regading religion, and then the monoestic ones, from the growth of the Hebrew/Islamic and the Christians, whom all have the same fundament, anyone denying this is deliberatingly lying or doenst know.

The god is the same, and there is only democraphic and cuntrually inputt that have lead the followers of all this religions astray, into arious sects, witch have all corrupted the original issue, and cause of religion.
I could talk about God, and what I know, but this will be so far out for you, its a waist of time.
I could and have alrerady given you the path.
Others have done the same.
Muhammed(pbwh) as the Palestinian elomite, named yeshua Ben Youseph gave, in his native language, and early brach of Semittic language, and witch is slowly dying, Arameic.
The Hebrews is a Palestinian born people, native to the lands, but isnt and haent been the “jewish” people the present bollocs is about. The followers of the Torah, is the first ones, and have had their senters around the citys in the Levante, as a Religion among others, that is far older then theirs religion.
And so on I dont bother to repeat my self, but the Zoroastians is far older, but the Monastic ones, is originaly the egyptians religion is the birth place of them all, as the teaching is from the prophets of old, and this is ONLY in regad of the religions from the Levante, there are religions that predates them all, and religions and ractisings the predates them all.
There are persetions of reality and consciousness that predates them all.

I have gone the full mounty and back.
What you DONT know, is that this isnt about religion, no. no, this present one is all about Controll and Greed(usury), the birth of the Vatican, is a millenium old entety still alive because of controll.
A selfimposed entety of parasitts, feeding on humanity, by their controll.

I have shown and writen about the path.
And nobody ls listening.
I have given you, the power of love and compasion, witch is true.
In terms you havent the slitest clue about, because you stil think this is about religion, it isnt.
The truth is, reality is something I havent read about anyone have been even close to be into.
You do infact know nothing, of neither God/Allah/Yehova at all.
You havent even bothered to pay atention to what their emisaryes to this reality have teached you.
You havent even bothered to practise it att all.
You drown your self in a wast array of selfimposed drivel and downright lies about Our capasity as Consious entetys of divine powers.
There isnt a thread of violence in any of this ancient teachings, they do know as I do, live is seacret, life is God, God IS life.
They have given you all you need.
they have teached all you need.
You are light, manifested as matter, by your own consciousness.
And never ever forgett this, you/we/I arent alone, we inermingle in all levels, the sad truth is that you have lost it milleniums ago, and have steadily degenerated to meer beats.
Dead meat without consciousness.
You reap what you saw, is the rule of thumbs in the reamls I know of, in all aspects, and the consequences of them whether you know about it or not.
I may sound conservative, I am.

Wake up or die sleeping.
The Arab people, from with the present religions came from, have lost it all.
The Teachings of Muhammed(pbwh) have been degenerated, and the light is gone out.
Only darkness is growing.
My praisers goes to everyone that lives in this barbaric times, and every child killed is a slow and incemental los to humanity at large.
YOU ARE KILLING the love and our GODs manifestation of His splendure to be granted stay in this Paradise, and YOU kill IT.
IN them all, THIS is the greates sin YOU can possible do.

The second warning is this.
There will be NO saviour.
There will not come a divine intervention from anywhere.
The fact is that they await, if anything.
The judgment isnt theirs to do, is done solely by us.

Do we as Humans have the selfesteem and self disiplin to rise our consiousness, to a level where we start to fight for us all, for the love of Humanity and our reality.
The day comes when the truth will be seen, do WE as Humans have what it takes to do it.
Are we at all wurthy to be saved, or are we just drowning our self in this barbaric world, where materialism and greed is becomed the “truth”.
DO we have it.

I cant do jack shitt, but WE can do everything.

I know that the Creatore gives mercy to them all, with no exeptions what so ever.
I can ony pray our Creatore will grant us this.
With I dont know anything of.
I have been released, and have payed my duce.

Ligth never dies, and love is the Only sorce that fuels it.
Be the candle, or the mirror that reflects it.
Love life, respect everything, thread lightly and you can die in peace.


Dignity and/or/with Security

Rockets a worry? Then don’t build settlements. Simple!

why do they keep building more and more houses, nearer and nearer to Palestinians?

Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, claimed that Israel’s construction and expansion of Jewish settlements in the occupied West Bank, mainly in and around occupied East Jerusalem, “do not pose any threat to the peace process”.

Copied from IMEMC NEWS [Link to read full article here]

If anyone is genuinely scared of something, then one tends to move away from the danger.


@CarlosLatuff, on deviant art, WordPress

Carlos Latuff is a Brazilian freelance political cartoonist. His works deal with an array of themes, including anti-globalization, anti-capitalism, and anti-U.S. military intervention. [Copied from Wiki]

Glasgow 4 Palestine

Viva Viva Palestina
More pictures once I’m home
Scotland ❤ Palestine

From the river to the sea Palestine will be free.

Gaza. New Guantanamo Holiday Camp


Just imagine the brochure. Sun, sand and orange overalls.

You get to work on the beach, destroying the fishing boats of the absentee fishermen. All that open ozone air, sandy beaches, open ocean, lots of boats, all painted in the same colour, with the same flag at the stern. Also with pointy tube thingy’s that look a bit like feckin canons. The rendition prisoners would love this paradise. Fresh air and anti-obesity diet.

People of Gaza don’t appreciate freedom! I mean, they get a chance to throw stones at tanks and bulldozers, which is like voluntary PE. All that running around, dodging rubber coated steel bullets. Such Joys of youth! Aaah!

Guys in Guantanamo don’t. Even the guards in Guantanamo, have to find amusement in other ways to be bonded and preserve the Am Way.

These Palestinians are so ungrateful! A burden lifted, in offering to relieve them of the drudgery of farming and harvesting and all that heavy toil. Instead the whole family could have fresh air, free clothing (orange overalls) and healthy diet. Lets face it, they are all going to die anyway. I mean, they are asking to be killed. All terrorists really, keep chucking them daft annoying useless rockets all time.


A “Leaflet” to the World about it’s own “forgotten” Extermination Camp called Gaza


The reality is that of a deprived crowded population, trapped in a tiny idyllic strip of land. Surrounded and totally cut off apart from a neutral small crossing with Egypt and let’s not forget the borrowers who live underground. The Tunnels.

The intensity of this commitment on the part of the Israeli political leadership has been dramatically illustrated just in the past few days, as they warn that they will “go crazy” if Palestinian rights are given limited recognition at the UN. That is not a new departure. The threat to “go crazy” (“nishtagea”) is deeply rooted, back to the Labor governments of the 1950s, along with the related “Samson Complex”:

Source Sabbah
Unless the international human community, collectively acts to stop this continued, occupation and domination of Gaza. Then we will have to despairingly watch the vibrant, articulate lives of talented people go unheard.

I fear for Harry Fear, reporting from Gaza because there will be many trigger happy yobs who’d like him silenced. I mentioned him yesterday at our Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign in Aberdeen.

Please acquaint yourself with his report on RT, Ustream or @HarryFear

Watch this. Welcome to the Buffer Zone – Harry Fear for

But! More is needed. People of Gaza needs those who are connected with the Universe and are not tainted by the rhetoric, the agenda or any other motive to raise your voice for Gaza.


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When you see a person suffer and you feel no pain

“Human Rights is the “skin” to protect civilians”

Israelis vs. Africans [Goldstein Dawn] ~ Must See Video by David Sheen

May your eyes and ears guide you. I plead.

Peace Banner 4 Palestine

#BBC Please watch Israel violating ceasefire

Source Twitter:

Dear BBC,
May I request that you consider the lives of Palestinians trapped within the open prison, called Gaza Strip.

It is very unlikely that you are going to show this video or any footage on Gaza for that matter, unless it has an Israeli symbol in the background. Plus the image is grainy and not to your excellent quality of broadcasting. Furthermore, one has to consider the gentle disposition of the viewing public. Why upset their tea?

It appears that the world audience has a need to view and interpret these issues and it would be prudent, if you too could emerge into the arena of balanced reporting.

A little empathy would be much appreciated.

Trust you find this to your satisfaction.

Yours Sincerely
Winslie Gomez

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When you see a person suffer and you feel no pain

“Human Rights is the “skin” to protect civilians”


Israelis vs. Africans [Goldstein Dawn] ~ Must See Video by David Sheen

May your eyes and ears guide you. I plead.

Peace Banner 4 Palestine

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