Senator Obama should have gone to a White Church. Then everything would be

Hunky Dory.
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He could have even stuck an abbreviation in his name and become Irish, like O’Bama instead of sounding like Bin, whats-his-face.

All this fuss over Obama resigning from his church Trinity, and it would appear, brought on by adding yet more fuel on the embers of the Wright controversy by none other than a Catholic priest, Father Pfleger.


The Philosoher-King of Plato, not needed to be President of USA

Unless philosophers become kings of our cities or unless those who now are kings and rulers become true philosophers, so that political power and philosophic intelligence converge . . . there can be no end to troubles, my dear Glaucon, in our cities or for all mankind.

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The Democrats and their nomination struggle highlights the deep intellectual ravine of middle America.

Knowledge, as a character and quality for the President, is not a prerequisite for this great nation. How daft can one be if they make statements like

“If Clinton is not the presidential niminee, then I will vote for McCain”.

The fact that these two individuals are from the opposite ends of the political spectrum, seemingly ,has no bearing, relevance or consequence, to one’s action.

Is prejudice sufficient to sway the masses? Apparently so!

It is a sad day for the world at large if the masses of USA are solely driven by age old racism. And, it makes a mockery of so called democracy.

Plato the Philosopher and trainer of statesmen had this to say

Unless philosophers become kings of our cities or unless those who now are kings and rulers become true philosophers, so that political power and philosophic intelligence converge . . . there can be no end to troubles, my dear Glaucon, in our cities or for all mankind.

Appeasement. Bush-Obama-McCain Clash.

The word appeasement has taken on that negative pong, unlike the positive phrase it should be and all because of the policy then to be labelled forever as the policy of Appeasement towards Hitler, by the UK, Chamberlains governement.

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I very much doubt that Obama has the same set of cicumstances to deal with. It would more appropriate if we have an image of Obama with a microphone in one hand and a club (metphorically speaking) in the other.

The context of the appeasement policy is important or we will believe that appeasement is the cowardly act, of giving in to a bully.

Europe feared the growing powers of Soviet russia and communism, hence Hitler seemed to be the simple, easy solution. After all, he only seeemed to be interested in Eastern Europe.

President Bush while speaking to the Knesset, the Israeli Parliament for their 60th anniversary, conveniently forgot that Henry Ford and Irenee du Pont financed Hitler during this time and even when war did break out, the Americans were not too keen to get invoved in European affairs.

Souce:WARNING. Accuracy cannot be verified.

“Some people suggest that if the United States would just break ties with Israel, all our problems in the Middle East would go away.” He (Bush) did not say who those people were. Source

Timesonline says

Barack Obama today accused President Bush of launching a “false political attack” after he appeared to compare the Democratic presidential hopeful’s foreign policy to appeasement of the Nazis.

Mr Bush triggered a row when he implied during a speech in the Israeli Parliament that Mr Obama’s willingness to talk to radical regimes was a dangerous “delusion”.

Although he did not refer to Mr Obama by name, the Illinois senator condemned the President for using Israel’s 60th birthday to attack Democratic contenders for the White House.

“Some seem to believe that we should negotiate with the terrorists and radicals, as if some ingenious argument will persuade them they have been wrong all along,” Mr Bush said.

A succinct explanantion of appeasement can be found here

The five most important reasons, however, were:


Some British people approved of Hitler’s policies.


The British people hoped that a strong Germany would stop the growth of Communist Russia.


Many people felt that events in Europe were not Britain’s business.


Many British people wanted peace.


Many British people agreed with Hitler that the Treaty of Versailles was unfair.

Change is coming to America

Obama spoke , on health care, taxes, education and the war in Iraq. “It is more of the same versus change.”

Choose Barack Obama or John McCain. “It is the past versus the future. It has been asked and answered by generations before us, and now it is our turn to choose.”
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I have a crush om Obama

Watch Obama in Iowa and praising Senator Clinton.

Now it seems it’s all upto the maths or depends on who does the maths. Or how you slice the equation.


Image courtesy of Viralpolitics

Edwards Endorsement for Obama at Grand Rapids

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What a blow to the Clinton cause; careering at the cusp of collapse.

Well! Can you imagine the backroom politicking that might have gone on to get John Edwards to join. Pause for a moment and consider the efforts of the Clinton camp to clinch Edwards endorsement! Surely, we should not be too surprised that now they can dismiss the effect of John Edwards endorsement.

Joins Obama

Let’s not forget that this is an ex-rival.

His words strike a chord

“There’s one who understands the need to create one America, not two Americas, and that man is Barack Obama.”

…“You should never be hungry. You should never be homeless. You should never face the threat of poverty,” he said.

Photo copied from BBC News read the rest of it here.

Some speculate on the timing of this endorsement, but many will be pleased that the Obama ’08 train is chugging along in the right direction.

Exciting! Isn’t it?

The Aged, The Impoverished Poor and Women have

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one thing in common.

They are the power base of Hilary Clinton and Clintonland voters. And, how could I forget, one other extremely crucial unifying factor; they are all white!

Yes, WHITE! as though it should matter, but it does.

Sad, that in this day and age, the demarcations still fall along the lines of skin-tone.

They are also the ones’ who will end up bringing another Republican nutter into the White House.  IF, and a bloody big if, they carry on as though they are blinkered lemmings.

Maybe, it would do them well to heed the advice on this cartoon image!

Cartoon by

As an aside; like, the conversation with a drunk at the bar.

Q: Why do lemmings jump off cliffs. Myth or fact?

A: Here

You are probably wondering why should it matter for someone in the UK.  Well, because it matters to the whole world. 

Who is going to undo the damage of the Blair-Bush madness, it’s not Gordon Brown is it?

Timesonline has an interesting article

Hillary Clinton risks rift in Democrats by ‘cheating’ black voters

Hillary Clinton is pinning her hopes on the party’s superdelegates to gift her the nomination. But America’s most senior black congressman warns she is playing with fire and could force a split in the Democrats.

…But Clyburn, who has yet to endorse either candidate, believes this path would be suicidal for the Democrats. African-Americans were not the only ones who would feel betrayed, he said. “Barack Obama has brought in a lot of young voters for the first time, and they’ll feel cheated too.” Many Clinton supporters are equally adamant that their candidate must win because white Americans are not going to elect a black president. Either way, Democrats are on a collision course.

“When it comes down to it, they are not going to vote for a black man,” said Jim Whitworth, 43, who wore a Harley-Davidson motorcycle T-shirt and a chestful of Hillary for President buttons to a Clinton rally in Fayetteville, North Carolina. He said the more he learnt about Obama, the more he found him “scary”.

“I don’t feel like I’m a racist, but this country is. People say they will vote for a black person, but when they get to the polls they won’t.”

Will someone, anyone, please throw in the towel, for Clinton?

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Don’t get me wrong, I love a good fight and Hilary Clinton, needs to be admired for her true-unadultrated-grit.

She would make a formidabble team mate.

Photo borrowed and credited to

On the other hand, isn’t the bun fight doing considerable damage to the Democrats?

When their focus needs to be on winning the Presidential election and into the White House.

Don’t take my word for it! I am, after all in sunny UK, read Ediedover who has some relevant points.

Cheers and have a great day!

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