#Barbaric used exclusively by imperialist to describe “the other”

President Obama condemned the “barbaric” murder of British aid worker David Haines by Islamic State militants and pledged to stand ‘shoulder to shoulder’ with the United Kingdom [Source]

ISIS beheading of Briton ‘barbaric’, says Egypt FM [source] Copycats AhramOnline

Brandis says latest IS beheading ‘barbaric’ [Source]

We will not be cowed by barbaric killers [Source]



Obviously not barbaric enough for #IHaveADrone Obama or poodle Cameron
GAZA_DEAD_KIDS1_734904c gaza_bombing_july_2014 Gaza Children dead Gaza bombing July

Image [source]


#Gitmo via @bobbergdahl

Bowe Dad on Gitmo

Last year’s revolution in Tunisia fuelled hopes that the five Tunisians held at Guantánamo can return home. The legal action charity Reprieve represents two of them, and is lobbying the US for their release. One ex-detainee who has returned home and the families of other prisoners discuss their experiences

Watch the video via Guardian

Ten years in Guantánamo: Tunisian families hope for loved ones’ release


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Putin on NSA Ukraine Drones Iran by RT Intl presenters

Twitter Storm User Guide #FreeThe4

Please be Polite, Positive and Proactive

• Use ONLY 1 # (multiple #’s do not help with trending). In fact just #FreeThe4 shows your input
• Quote Tweet or Copy & Paste (steal) other people tweets.
• Do NOT RT (Retweets do not count towards trending) as they are not original
• Favourites don’t count either
• Keep tweets short, making it easier for other people to QT (QuoteTweet) or copy
• Never RT someone you don’t follow. Doing this more than once will result in Twitmo (jailed)
• Easy tweet is to attach a picture or link + #FreeThe4 & no other words are needed
• Tweets in languages is acceptable as long as #FreeThe4 is included

• Never feed a TROLL
• Fire needs Oxygen to burn. Deny the troll oxygen
• You’re involvement & time on a storm is precious
• Avoid arguments/discussions
• If all else fails, Block the troll (you can always unblock later)

Good luck dear friends. Please remember Twitter Storm alerts the world to that particular #.

#FreeThe4 is in solidarity with @AlanoudDAlfayez at the gates of the Saudi Embassy in London and her four daughters.


20 yr old Anwar dies in Gaza during ceasefire

Well, Governor, we also have fewer horses and bayonets

Famous words of President Obama at the 2012 election debate with Mitt Romney.

English: USCYBERCOM Logo

English: USCYBERCOM Logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Space and/or Cyber war.

This distinctive US system of imperial information gathering (and the surveillance and war-making practices that go with it) traces its origins to some brilliant American innovations in the management of textual, statistical and visual data. Their sum was nothing less than a new information infrastructure with an unprecedented capacity for mass surveillance…..

the Pentagon discovered the power of biometric identification and electronic surveillance to pacify the country’s sprawling cities. It then built a biometric database with more than a million Iraqi fingerprints and iris scans that US patrols on the streets of Baghdad could access instantaneously by satellite link to a computer centre in West Virginia…..
Under Presidents Bush and Obama, defensive digital surveillance has grown into an offensive “cyberwarfare” capacity, which has already been deployed against Iran in history’s first significant cyberwar. In 2009, the Pentagon formed US Cyber Command (CYBERCOM), with headquarters at Ft Meade, Maryland, and a cyberwarfare centre at Lackland Air Base in Texas, staffed by 7,000 Air Force employees.
Two years later, it declared cyberspace an “operational domain” like air, land or sea, and began putting its energy into developing a cadre of cyber-warriors capable of launching offensive operations, such as a variety of attacks on the computerised centrifuges in Iran’s nuclear facilities and Middle Eastern banks handling Iranian money.

Please Read

the full Al Jazeera article. Be better informed on this subject, written by Alfred W McCoy, titled “Space warfare and the future of US global power”
By 2020, the Pentagon hopes to “patrol the entire globe ceaselessly”, relentlessly via a “triple canopy space shield”. [jump to link here]

Photo credit to Al Jazeera

Lemming like Masada Complex march to the drum beat of

Possible extermination.

Or extinguish the flame of humanity, by inevitably dragging all and sundry to choose sides in a cataclysmic war.

The final Red Line?

Copied from [Here]

The term “Masada complex” is sometimes applied critically to advocates of right-wing policies in the Israeli government. Political scientist Susan Hattis Rolef has defined this “complex” as “the conviction … that it is preferable to fight to the end rather than to surrender and acquiesce to the loss of independent statehood.”

Source: [here]
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