Edwards Endorsement for Obama at Grand Rapids

© of Winslie Gomez
What a blow to the Clinton cause; careering at the cusp of collapse.

Well! Can you imagine the backroom politicking that might have gone on to get John Edwards to join. Pause for a moment and consider the efforts of the Clinton camp to clinch Edwards endorsement! Surely, we should not be too surprised that now they can dismiss the effect of John Edwards endorsement.

Joins Obama

Let’s not forget that this is an ex-rival.

His words strike a chord

“There’s one who understands the need to create one America, not two Americas, and that man is Barack Obama.”

…“You should never be hungry. You should never be homeless. You should never face the threat of poverty,” he said.

Photo copied from BBC News read the rest of it here.

Some speculate on the timing of this endorsement, but many will be pleased that the Obama ’08 train is chugging along in the right direction.

Exciting! Isn’t it?

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